This is what my resume reads:


Highly accomplished in the areas of content development and editing, user experience content creation, and search engine optimization (SEO). Experienced at supervising and mentoring junior editing and content development personnel as a managing editor. Special expertise in social media content preparation and marketing, site management, and blog postings. Consistent history of dramatically increasing unique page views (UPVs) and maximizing website traffic. Excellent project management and problem‑solving abilities

Core Competencies:

✔ Editing ✔ Project Management ✔ Managing Freelancers ✔ SEO Optimization ✔ Research ✔ Competitive Analysis ✔ Video Production ✔ Collaboration ✔ Blogging ✔ Process Improvement ✔ Strategic Planning ✔ Market Research ✔ Publishing ✔ Budget Management ✔ Website Content ✔ Project Scheduling

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But who am I?

Mateja 2

I grew up in Lake Tahoe, California. I was a ski racer, a regular in my aunt’s bookstore, loved to hike and swim in the alpine lakes in the backcountry. Lake Tahoe and the impressive Sierra Nevadas will always be my home, but I’ve had many homes since then.

I guess my home before homes lies in Slovenia, where my mother is from and the majority of my loving family still lives. I know how to speak conversational Slovene and return to visit as often as I can. It is the most beautiful place I’ve ever known.

I then went to college at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo where I graduated with an English degree. There, I learned to love frigid ocean water and pulled pork sandwiches. My home for a short time during my college period was Valladolid, Spain where I studied abroad. Paella, tapas, and cheap red wine became old, comforting friends.

My home after that was in the Berkeley hills in the small town of Kensington while I finished my English Master’s degree at Mills College in Oakland, California. Tilden Park will always be one of my favorite places and heading into the city on the BART for poetry readings and bloody marys became regular excursions.

My next home was deep in the heart of Texas where I learned how to work in tech. A part of my heart will always live in Austin and a George Strait or Willie Nelson song takes me back while a cool dip in Barton Springs will always be a highlight.

Last year, I moved to Reno and bought a house. The grittiness and 1950s casino vibe grew on me; we will be back to put down roots. Reno’s kinda like that drunk cousin that is surprisingly beautiful and says some really meaningful things every once in a while.

Currently, I live in Bend, Oregon, which is another adventure. When we aren’t skiing, fishing, or camping, we are hiking, drinking beer, or rafting. Working for a marketing agency was also never dull!

It’s a busy life, and isn’t it interesting that I’ve defined myself by my geographical location? I guess I’m just always Creatively Moving.

I’m not the biggest fan of social media because I’m not a business, but I am on Twitter and LinkedIn