Let’s be real, SEO is a fickle beast. And it’s one that takes a long time to tame. In the saturated world of the web, it can be hard to be heard. Everyone has a lot to say and things to sell. But there are ways, tips and tricks, to get seen. It’s all about finding your niche.

I can help you find your niche; I’ve done it a few times. Google mini cows and Cabela’s tent mansion and you’ll see what I mean. I helped get a new website, Wide Open Pets, to 2.3 million unique pageviews in a year, which are new people clicking to the site. While writing for another site, Wide Open Spaces, I helped drive 2.3 million unique pageviews.

Wide Open Pets

Wide Open Pets SEO

Wide Open Spaces

Wide Open Spaces SEO

SEO seems like a complicated thing, but it isn’t if you know how to find your niche. I can help. Check out some site copy examples here, UX matters for SEO too. Can you believe it?